POLL: Do you support the introduction of more Clean Air Zones?

A Clean Air Zone was launched in Bradford city centre earlier this week, with drivers facing daily charges of up to £50. But do you support the introduction of more Clean Air Zones? Vote in our poll.

Bradford’s Clean Air Zone started on Monday, September 26, with much of the city centre and outer ring road covered, including the villages of Shipley and Saltaire. The scheme is designed to help improve air quality and public health after the city was issued “ministerial direction” to reduce pollution levels in 2018.

Drivers of older vehicles will face a charge to enter Bradford with vans and minibuses paying a £9 fee and taxis £7, while buses breaching pollution limits will pay £50.

At the launch, bosses emphasised that private cars would not be charged.

Council Leader Susan Hinchcliffe said: “I don’t think any politician in Bradford is against cleaning our air.

“We don’t want to be at a point in 40 years’ time where people are asking why we didn’t take the right action to reduce pollution.

“The Government didn’t give us much space to manoeuvre. Regardless of the Government directive, none of us can argue that there are illegal levels of air quality in this District.”

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Those behind the scheme said that around four per cent of vehicles on Bradford’s roads were likely to be affected by the charges.

The Government will receive £2 from every charge, with the scheme expected to generate between £8million and £9million for Bradford Council in the first year.

Any money raised through the scheme after operating costs is legally obliged to be spent on environmental projects.

Andrew Whittles, the Clean Air Programme manager, said on Monday that money would be spent on supporting renewable transport schemes.

He said: “We want Bradford to be the premier clean growth city anywhere in the UK.”

Clean Air Zones are already in operation in Birmingham and two more are expected to launch later soon in other UK cities.

A Clean Air Zone is planned for Bristol from November 28 and another in Tyneside and Gateshead which is due to begin charging early next year.

Greater Manchester and Sheffield are also expected to share Clean Air Zone strategies in the coming months.

So what do YOU think? Do you support the introduction of more Clean Air Zones? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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