President Zelensky pays touching tribute to Queen for ‘selfless service to her people'

On Monday, Volodymyr Zelensky visited the British Embassy in Kyiv dressed in full military fatigues with a bunch of white flowers to pay tribute to the passing of the Queen. 

The President could be seen laying the flowers on a desk which had a photograph of Her Majesty alongside the condolence book.

The leader praised the Queen for her “selfless service to her people” and wrote in the book that her memory “will forever remain in the history or mankind”.

Despite the troubles currently facing Ukraine, the President sent a message on the day the news broke of the Monarch’s death that the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth had suffered an “irreparable loss”.

The full message in the condolence book read: “On behalf of the people of Ukraine and myself, I express sincere condolences over the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Ukrainian women and men share this great loss. 

“We mourn with the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Nations, and all subjects of the British Crown.

“The memory of Her Majesty and her selfless service to her people will forever remain in the history of mankind.”

Melinda Simmons, the British Ambassador to Ukraine, has expressed her gratitude to President Zelensky for taking the time to sign the book of condolence for Her Majesty the Queen. 

Ms Simmons wrote on Twitter: “Deeply honoured that @ZelenskyyUa signed our condolence book for Queen Elizabeth II this morning.

“Grateful to the President for taking the time to do this given all else that is happening in Ukraine at this time.” 

The twitter account for the Embassy in Kyiv also posted a picture of Zelensky writing in the book with the caption: “Deeply grateful to President Zelensky for signing the Book of Condolence for Her Majesty the Queen on behalf of the Ukrainian people.”

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Her Majesty ensured that she discreetly showed her support by wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag or having blue and yellow flowers in the background of various photographs.

President Zelensky was one of many leaders and major figures across the world to pay their respects to the late Queen.

Across the globe leaders are planning the big operation of flying to London for the Queen’s funeral on September 19.

It is thought the event will be the largest gathering of world leaders in decades and with the public also planning to pay their respects, it is thought the Capital will become truly “full” for the first time.

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