Price hike: ‘Mad’ UK prices – where ‘won’t cost a trillion pounds?’

The staycation price hikes of this summer still haven’t come down. And while most Britons may think of the UK for a weekend away, it’s been found to be much cheaper to fly overseas.

Mike Gormley said: “We’ve booked an Airbnb in Cumbria. Walks in the woods, cask pubs, easy to get to by train.”

However, the price of a UK holiday was found to be prohibitive.

Joe Brock said: “Just booked a quick trip to London and it would’ve been about half the price to travel to any of the cheaper European cities served by Ryanair.

“Definitely a good time to GTFO the UK.”

User MadManc1970 wrote: “Ryanair have a sale on. Saw £4.99 each way to Bucharest for starters and fair few others sub £10.”


And Craig couldn’t believe it.

He said: “Mad considering it’s £200 plus train to Manchester for me and Jo.”

Kirsty Gouda had just come back from overseas.

She said: “Just back from Riga, flights for two from Edinburgh were £9 before adding one hold bag.

“Plenty reasonable accommodation options and the city itself is pretty cheap too for activities and to eat and drink.”

It had always been cheap to fly to Europe for a getaway.

And destinations such as Greece or Eastern Europe always compared well with a UK holiday.

With the price hikes of this summer not coming down, however, the options for a UK break are dwindling for Britons.

And many are looking overseas for their autumn and winter escapes.

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