'Prince Charles doesn't trust me' Eamonn Holmes opens up on breaking Royal protocol

Eamonn Holmes, 62, made his GB News debut this month as he presents the channel’s new Breakfast show. The presenter has spoken in a new interview about his “favourite royal”, and recalled maybe upsetting Prince Charles, 73, when he “broke protocol” and kissed Camilla Parker Bowles, 72.

Eamonn has previously admitted he is an “outrageous flirt”, with the presenter embracing Camilla in 2014.

He even breached rules by kissing her in 2018, with Eamonn joking about the pair’s relationship in a recent interview.

Speaking to The Belfast Telegraph, about Camilla, he said: “I have had the opportunity to meet Camilla privately at functions on a number of occasions.

“She is approachable and incredibly friendly. Not only that, she’s a darn good laugh.

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“As I keep telling her, she is my favourite royal, though I’m not sure what her husband makes of that.”

After the pair encountered each other at a TV station’s headquarters in London in 2014, Camilla said: “We always meet in peculiar places.”

Eamonn replied: “That’s enough of that.”

This prompted the Prince to intrude, asking Eamonn: “Where have you been with my wife?”

They separated in 1994, due to a mixture of reasons including Eamonn’s father’s death and the strain of Eamonn’s career on their relationship.

Not long after Eamonn began dating Ruth, but the couple kept their relationship a secret for a while to be fair to Eamonn’s ex partner.

In 2002, Ruth gave birth to their son, Jack Alexander Holmes.

The couple eventually married in 2010 in Hampshire, as Eamonn’s divorce was not finalised till 2005.

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