Prince Harry and Meghan facing Spotify 'pressure' to break 'promise to Queen'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a lucrative deal with the streaming giant to host and produce podcasts, estimated to be worth around 25 million US dollars (£18 million), in late 2020. But Spotify could ask the royal couple to talk about their lives as royals. The Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English pointed out this is something Harry promised the Queen he “wouldn’t do”.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mailplus, Ms English said: “They left the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan signed some very lucrative million-dollar deals with some of the biggest entertainment companies in the business.

“Actually over the last two years have had precious little to show for it.

“We keep on hearing things are coming but they don’t seem to have materialised yet.

“I think it’s fair to assume that there will be a lot of pressure on them to produce.

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“It goes back to the question, how much this will ratchet up the pressure on them to talk about their time as members of the Royal Family?

“To talk about what it was like to be part of the institution of the monarchy – which are things that Harry promised his grandmother he wouldn’t do.”

It comes as Meghan’s animated show about a young girl has been dropped by Netflix.

The Archewell Productions show Pearl – one of two projects announced as part of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal – was set to focus on the adventures of a 12-year-old girl inspired by influential women from history.

This is believed to be not uncommon for development, and Netflix recently decided not to move forward with other animated series.

Harry and Meghan signed a multimillion-pound deal with Netflix in 2020.

The news that Pearl is being dropped comes after it emerged that Netflix lost 200,000 users over the first three months of 2022, falling well short of predictions it would add 2.5 million subscribers.

Netflix has stumbled in the face of increased competition from the likes of Disney, Amazon Prime, and the reopening of cinemas.

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