Prince Harry has adorable nickname for Kate Middleton – but she 'answers to most things!'

Prince Harry has a cute nickname for his brother’s wife, Kate Middleton. The pair were known to be remarkably close, with the Princess of Wales often acting like a big sister to the Duke of Sussex over the years.

The nickname was shared by Radio presenter, Scott Mills, after he quizzed Kate on the nickname. Prince Harry reportedly calls Kate “Cath” – short for Catherine, the Princess’ full first name.

Scott Mills said he listened to a podcast with Prince Harry where he referred to his brother and sister-in-law as “William and Cath”.

“Is this a thing just in the family?” he asked the Princess of Wales. However, Kate played it cool, giving very little away when questioned by Scott. She said: “I’m not sure, I’m not that familiar with it. But I will answer to most things.”

Before she was royal, Kate had a much funnier nickname. She shared: “I was nicknamed Squeak just like my guinea pig. There was one called Pip and one called Squeak because my sister was called Pippa and I was Squeak.”

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The Princess, 40, has been known to the world as Kate for years, but it turns out she actually only started using the nickname “Kate” while at university, previously preferring to go by her full name, Catherine.

Kate has previously admitted that she does not mind which name people choose to call her. In addition, her friends at her school Marlborough College are also said to have called her the “Princess-in-waiting” for a while.

This is not the first time personal nicknames from the Royal Family have been shared with the public. In a 2016 interview for the late Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, Kate said that Prince George called the late sovereign (his great-grandmother) “Gan-Gan”.

A similar story was reported of Prince William when he was a toddler, saying that he called his grandmother “Gary,” when he couldn’t pronounce “Granny”.


“The Queen was on hand after William fell over at Buckingham Palace, bawling: ‘Gary, Gary’. A guest who went to help asked who Gary was, assuming it must be a member of the royal household.

“‘I’m Gary,’ explained the Queen, as she scooped him up. ‘He hasn’t learned to say Granny yet,’” said journalist Richard Kay in the Daily Mail.

Another famous royal nickname was one that the late Princess Diana had for her older son William.

She started referring to him as “wombat” when he was two years old, after a trip to Australia where they saw the cute native creature.

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“When we went to Australia with our parents, and the wombat, you know, that’s the local animal. So I just basically got called that.

“Not because I look like a wombat. Or maybe I do,” William said in an interview on the 10-year anniversary of her death.

King Charles III and his wife, Camilla the Queen consort, are speculated to call each other “Fred” and “Gladys”.

Although details on the backstory for these names are pretty scant, it is believed that they pulled these nicknames from characters on The Goon Show.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie also have cute nicknames for each other. In honour of her sister’s 31st birthday, Princess Eugenie shared an Instagram slideshow with photos from their past and present, whilst also sharing a nickname she uses for her big sister.

“You have been bossing it since before I was born and continue to be the most wonderful person, friend and big sister… Happy Birthday to you Beabea!! Xx,” Eugenie wrote.

It turns out Princess Eugenie has a couple of nicknames that were both bestowed upon her by her mother, Sarah Ferguson. In an interview with Town & Country, the Duchess of York stood on a rope swing that showed a previously unheard-of nickname for her youngest daughter, Eugenie.

The nickname was “Euge”. Meanwhile, for the Princess’s 30th birthday, Fergie posted a photo of her daughter and called her, “My little magic dust”.

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