Prince Harry 'so fragile' as lawyers say security coverage caused 'substantial' hurt

The Duke of Sussex is suing The Mail on Sunday whom he claims were responsible for “distortion and misrepresentation of the facts” with an exclusive story about his police security. Harry’s lawyers said in the paperwork of a new libel lawsuit that the meaning of the Mail’s article was that he “lied in his initial public statements.”

His legal representatives claim the “defamatory” piece described how “Harry tried to keep his legal fight over bodyguards secret” then claimed minutes after The Mail on Sunday broke the story his “PR machine tried to put positive spin on the dispute”.

Harry’s lawyers claim the article is said to have inspired a “feeding frenzy of hostile comments” aimed at the Duke.

As a result, the 37-year-old royal has reportedly “suffered serious damage to his reputation and substantial hurt, embarrassment and distress which is continuing”.

As well as causing the Duke stress and emotional upset, his lawyers say the piece also undermines his charitable and philanthropic work, particularly his efforts to tackle online misinformation.

Royal biographer Angela Levin reacted to this new lawsuit, claiming the Duke’s admission makes him “sound so fragile”.

She also made reference to Harry’s previous experience serving in the army within her reference to the case.

On Twitter, the royal expert wrote: “Harry says he’s “suffered increased upset and distress and injury to his feelings” over press comment on 24/7 protection for him. He sounds so fragile.

“Where has the brave soldier gone and how can he think he’s the only one whose had sad feelings over the last 2 years.”

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The statement noted: “The Duke first offered to pay personally for UK police protection for himself and his family in January of 2020 at Sandringham.”

It later added: “He remains willing to cover the cost of security, as not to impose on the British taxpayer.”

Additionally, his lawyers said: “The UK will always be Prince Harry’s home and a country he wants his wife and children to be safe in With the lack of police protection, comes too great a personal risk.

His legal reps added: “Prince Harry hopes that his petition –after close to two years of pleas for security in the UK – will resolve this situation. It is due to a leak in a UK tabloid, with surreptitious timing, we feel it necessary to release a statement setting the facts straight.”

The Duke is suing the newspaper over the coverage of the lawsuit through the High Court, in London.

Associated Newspapers Limited – the company that publishes The Mail on Sunday – is defending the claim.

The publication is the same one that Harry’s wife Meghan Markle successfully sued for breach of privacy and copyright.

The Duchess won her privacy case in February when High Court judge Lord Justice Warby ruled in her favour without a full trial saying the publication of extracts from a letter to her estranged father Thomas Markle had been “manifestly excessive and hence unlawful”.

The judge said the majority of the content published was about Meghan’s “behaviour, her feelings of anguish about her father’s behaviour, as she saw it, and the resulting rift between them”.

He added: “These are inherently private and personal matters.”

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