Prince Louis is 'the new Harry' and is 'less restricted' than brother – one key difference

Looking at one key difference between Harry and Louis though, Judi said it “stems from the way that Louis appears to be much more of a confident and a keen entertainer than Harry was at his age”.

Judi continued: “Louis has two older siblings to both cushion him and to compete with for attention, and he seems to be growing up confident to the point of fearless and spontaneously sociable as a result.

“He clambered happily through royal laps at the Jubilee until he landed on his grandfather Charles’ knee, and interacting readily with Zara and Peter’s fun-loving daughters.”

Meanwhile, Harry “always seemed to blend playfulness with a sweet and vulnerable side, either competing with his brother William in their play together or clinging to his mother as though she was his sole provider of comfort and confidence”.

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