Prince William breaks cover on eve of Harry and Meghan's explosive Netflix bombshell

Prince William has made his first public comments since the release of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix trailers. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex posted two trailers of their eagerly-awaited Netflix series, as the Prince and Princess of Wales were visiting charities close to their heart in Boston. Royal commentators said the move overshadowed the royal couple’s trip to the US.

Despite the bombshell announcement, Prince William and Kate said they remained determined to follow through with their pledge to highlight the achievements of recipients who were awarded The Earthshot Prize last Friday.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, Prince William delivered on his promise, saying: “The future of our planet hangs in the balance. The actions we take in this crucial decade will determine what kind of world we leave for the next generation.

“All around the world there are brilliant people working on the solutions to repair our planet. That’s why I launched The Earthshot Prize — to find those game-changers and to supercharge them.”

He said the purpose of the award is line with the belief put forward by President John F. Kennedy who in the 1960s sent the first man to the moon with his ‘Moonshot’ endeavour. With his statement, he suggested humanity could achieve anything.

“That’s the ethos of the Prize, that through the power of human ingenuity, combined with an urgency and a little optimism, seemingly impossible goals are within reach.”

His deep-seated belief in changing the world, much like JFK, prompted him and Kate to choose to hold the second year of Earthshot in Boston, which he branded as “a world-renowned centre of scientific and technical excellence.”

The location was not chosen randomly, as it represents the legacy of JFK’s Moonshot philosophy. 

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Prince William’s announcement comes a day before the Sussexes’ Netflix bombshell series is set to hit the streaming giant.

The California-based couple have come under fire for misleading clips, including a shot of the couple showing the press taking photographs of the couple in what appears to be an intrusion of privacy. 

There are further allegations that an image was cropped to suggest the couple were left on the edge of a royal event, when they were in fact front and centre.

Evening Standard’s royal reporter Robert Jonson denied the suggestion royal reporters were intruding the couple’s privacy, calling it a “complete travesty”. 

“It was taken from a accredited pool at Archbishop Tutu’s residence in Cape Town. Only 3 people were in the accredited position. H & M agreed the position. I was there.”

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