Prince William updates fans on 'devastating news' as he issues urgent plea over death

Today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Twitter account published a string of tweets on the tragedy, stating the ranger was “potentially assassinated in his home and his wife severely injured”.

The discovery was made on the same day William’s patronage, the Tusk Trust, had launched its multi-million dollar fundraising initiative, the 2022 Wildlife Ranger Challenge.

This project, to culminate in a 21-kilometre-long half marathon on September 17 accompanied by a series of mental and physical challenges, aims at generating further support for rangers across Africa, who works on the frontline to protect the continent’s habitat, fight poaching and wildlife crime and support conservation efforts. 

The Twitter thread ended with a statement penned by the Duke and signed off with his initial, W.  

It read: “The devastating news about Anton, who exemplified courage and commitment, illustrates the threat rangers face every day. 

“And it reminds us of the human cost as Anton’s family mourn the loss of a husband and a father.

“A ranger’s job is crucial, but can be dangerous as they are regularly confronted by organised crime.

“Last Sunday marked World Ranger Day.  

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“While we remember Anton, it is vital that we provide the right support, generated through organisations like Tusk or our work with United for Wildlife, so that incidents like this don’t happen again.” 

The Cambridges’ Twitter thread further highlighted the dangers faced daily by rangers fighting for conservation in Africa.

Tweets accompanying the Duke’s statement read: “Rangers like Anton are on the frontline of conservation, protecting people as well as wildlife.

“Among many roles, they are teachers, carers and researchers, looking out for a natural world that can’t defend itself.


“This is dangerous work. More than 1000 rangers have been killed in the last ten years, and they need our support more than ever.

“There are programmes out there: @Tusk_org has been working with rangers and communities in more than 20 countries for over 30 years to help amplify conservation initiatives.

“Their work has increased protection for more than 70 million hectares of land and 40 threatened species.”


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