Princess Anne offers support to veterans and widows during Falklands remembrance service

The event was held in St Faith’s Chapel at St Paul’s Cathedral on Tuesday and was organised by The Falkland Islands Government. The Princess Royal was accompanied by her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Time Laurence to reflect and pay their respect alongside families before entering the cathedral to lay wreaths at the South Atlantic Task Force Memorial.

During the service of reflection and remembrance, veterans and widows gave readings, which included one from widow Jay Morgan Hyrons, whose husband Lance Corporal Gary Bingley died in the conflict.

She said: “My husband Gary left our shores on [April 26] 1982, by [May 28], I had become a Falklands widow.

“Our men either returned safe to our shores to be reunited with their loved ones or were separated from us forever.

“Reunited or separated for life, each Task Force family paid a price. 

“Those seventy-four days remain forever etched into our memories.”

Anne donned her Navy military uniform for the event and many others at the service wore their own medals from when they served.

The royal took the place of her brother Prince Andrew who flew in the conflict as a Sea King helicopter pilot, completing multiple missions in anti-surface warfare, casualty evacuation and Exocet missile decoy.

The Duke of York had been shot at during the conflict and on Saturday he posted his recollections of the war on Sarah Ferguson’s Instagram account which he signed off HRH, a title that was stripped from him.

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Two minutes of silence was held during the ceremony after which the Bishop Jonathan Clark gave a speech thanking “those who worked, served and died.”

Princess Anne has been the Chief Commandant of the Women’s Royal Naval Service since 1974 and was sombre during the engagement.

She spoke to families of loved ones and veterans who were part of the congregation and offered her sympathy, empathy, and support to those who told her of their experiences.

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