'Problem is with France!' Macron 'passive-aggressively' ignoring Channel crossing row

As Boris Johnson announced that due to “legal eagles” Rwanda plan might face some delay, GB News panellist Sajeela Kershi said the real problem with asylum seekers crossing the Channel is actually France, who “passive-aggressively” ignores the crossing row. JShe claimed that French Government is pretending not to see migrants crossing the Channel and advised Britain to negotiate with the French counterpart. 

Ms Kershi said: “I think the problem is actually with our relationship with France.

“Because that has always been a problem to be fair.

[The thing to do] is negotiating.

“Stop giving millions to Rwanda where you are just kind of trying to brush the problem under the carpet, or the migrants under the carpet.

“It’s France. Negotiate with them.

“They are letting these migrants cross.”

Jokingly pretending to be a French speaker, she said: “Oh-oh, I do not see these people [crossing the Channel].

“I think passive-aggressively they are deliberately [ignoring the Channel crossing row].

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“But these aren’t migrants, these are asylum seekers.

“They are people that are legally seeking asylum.

“They are legally going through a process”.

The claims follow PM Boris Johnson’s announcement where he pointed out that plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda might face some delay due to some “legal eagles” opposing the scheme.

Despite the announced delay, the Prime Minister confirmed that the plan will go ahead despite the legal challenges.

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