Putin attempting to use Brexit friction to divide Ukraine support as leaders visit Kyiv

Former Senior Military Intelligence Officer Philip Ingram MBE revealed that the Russian President viewed Brexit as a way of separating the UK and the EU but visits from both leaders to Ukraine has shown “unity”. Speaking to GB News, Mr Ingram said: “You want leaders of international communities. The President of the EU visited beforehand, that is critical to the morale of the Ukrainians so they know that it’s not them fighting Russians, it’s the international community-fighting Russians.

“It sends a very clear message to Vladimir Putin that the international community is coming together.

“I think the timings of the EU President’s visit and Boris Johnson going in.

“Putin’s got this view that Brexit has caused friction between the EU and the UK.

“He has been trying to split that further but this shows effectively a unity.”

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It comes as Russia may have committed another war crime by targeting fleeing civilians at an eastern Ukraine railway station with precision missiles, the Defence Secretary has said.

Ben Wallace vowed to “do everything” to ensure Vladimir Putin fails in Ukraine and confirmed Britain will be sending Mastiff armoured vehicles to aid the fight against the Russian President’s forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said at least 30 people were killed in the attack on the crowded Kramatorsk station that was an evacuation point for civilians.

A further 100 people were injured, Mr Zelensky said as he blamed Russia for “an evil without limits”, while the Kremlin denied targeting the station.

“his superyachts and normality”.

“Whatever happens in Ukraine we must not let the international community forget that. What Putin is doing here today is creating his own cage around himself,” he said.

He said the RAF will increase its contribution to protect Nato’s eastern flank in Romania from four to six Typhoon jets, “because Putin listens to only one thing and that is strength”.

“We will do everything to see him defeated in Ukraine. There is more to do, Britain will do more, it will contribute more,” he added.

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