Putin facing logistical nightmare as Russia failings exposed: ‘No army is this backwards'

The news comes as multiple Russian ammunition depots have been obliterated by Ukrainian HIMARS precision rocket systems, suggesting Moscow is struggling to maintain its assault on Ukraine without ammo. Four such rocket systems have reached the Ukraine frontline following delivery by the United States, with four more on the way.

Political commentator Thomas Theiner has taken to Twitter to argue the logistics of the Russian army are a key reason for slow advances and huge losses in the so-called “special operation”.

Speaking of the core problem, Mr Theiner said: “Russian logistics depots are always close to railways as Russia’s military has a serious lack of logistic units, especially transport units.

“This is compounded by Russia’s military being corrupt and technologically backwards, even eschewing things like forklifts or cranes.”

Mr Theiner then went on to discuss just how primitive the logistical supply chain in Russia really is.

He continued: “So Russian supplies and ammo are loaded by hand onto trains, transported towards the front, unloaded there by hand, loaded onto trucks by hand, and then driven to the frontline units, where it is unloaded again by hand.

“It’s time-consuming. No other army is so backwards.”

The critic continued by saying Russia is relying heavily on railroad systems in order to deliver ammunition and supplies to the front line.

Ukraine has reacted to the obvious pattern by destroying railway bridges and tracks in an effort to frustrate Russian supplies.

Continuing his argument, Mr Theiner said: “So dependent are the Russians on railways that they have 28,500 railway troops tasked with repairing and building railways.

“When Russia’s military can’t access railways then its entire logistics system collapses.”

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With Ukraine now targeting Russian arms dumps with such accuracy, fears are now arising that Moscow could turn to more long-range weapons in order to swing the balance back into its favour.

The strike on the shopping mall in Kremenchuk was a clear example of how Putin is capable of using such weapons to devastating effect.

With the majority of the Donbas region now under Russian control, Putin has ordered his troops to march on the region.

Russian troops are now advancing in the Donetsk region, with civilians being urged to leave the area by Ukrainian officials.

Sloviansk has been subjected to “massive” Russian bombardment in recent days, with at least two people killed and seven others wounded in an attack on a marketplace yesterday.

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Pavlo Kyrylenko, governor of the Donetsk region, which includes Sloviansk, told Ukrainian media his “main advice is to evacuate!”

He continued: “This week there hasn’t been a day without shelling.

“The enemy is shelling chaotically; the attacks are aimed at destroying the local population.

“So, once again, the main advice is to evacuate.”

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After failing to move on Kyiv at the start of its invasion, the Kremlin said it had redirected its forces to Donbas – Ukraine’s industrial heartland made up of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Experts believe Russia is both seeking to install puppet regimes in the newly “liberated” areas, as well as building a land bridge between Russia and the previously occupied Crimea.

Giving hope to Ukrainian defences, President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was continuing to press for upgraded anti-missile systems as air siren alerts sounded across much of the country, including the capital.

He said: “The Russian army does not take any breaks.

“Our task is to hold on.”

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