Putin orders top Russian scientist to be ‘killed’ in sick revenge attack

Physicist Dmitry Kolker was taken from his hospital bed and arrested last week on suspicion of state treason. He was alleged to have collaborated with China’s security services, according to Russian state news agency TASS.

The doctor died on Sunday.

Dr Kolker, 54, was in hospital with advanced pancreatic cancer.

His condition was such that he was being fed through a tube.

The physics and mathematics doctor, who worked at Novosibirsk State University, was reportedly “funded” onto a flight from Siberia to Moscow for more than four hours.

When there, he was taken to Lefortovo prison.

He later died in a nearby hospital.

Dr Kolker’s son, Maxim, 24, claimed his father was “killed”.

He said: “The FSB [Federal Security Service] killed my father, knowing his condition.

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Dr Kolker’s daughter, Alina Mironova, 29, added: “This is a great tragedy for our family. It should not have happened like this.”

Others close to the doctor rejected the notion he had worked against Russia for the benefit of China.

Cousin Anton Dianov said: “He was a scientist, he loved his country, he was working in his country despite many invitations from leading universities and labs to go work abroad.

“He wanted to work in Russia, he wanted to teach students there.

“These charges are absolutely ridiculous and extremely cruel and unusual to be levied on such a sick man.

“They knew that he was on his deathbed and they chose to arrest him.”

Lawyers have claimed the treason charge against the doctor were based on lectures he delivered in China, despite the content being approved by the FSB.

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