Putin 'will attack NATO countries' to 'destroy global order' and 'show enemies are weak'

Serhiy Leshchenko has stated that he expects Russia to attack NATO countries in order to showcase its power and continue the destruction. In an interview with German newspaper Die Presse, the Ukrainian official claimed: “Putin will attack NATO countries. Simply to show that global institutions are weak. Poland and other neighbouring countries should be warned about what is happening in Ukraine.”

Mr Leshchenko believes it is Putin’s aim to build on the indescribable damage caused in Ukraine and expand the atrocities of the war to other countries.

He added that Ukraine would be ready to be a neutral state but will not recede into giving away the currently occupied territories.

The report describes him indicating that Putin’s was not only to wipe Ukraine off the map, but “also to destroy the global order”.

Mr Leshchenko said: “We are ready to declare neutrality but only with security guarantees, not assurances like in the Budapest Memorandum.

“We are ready to discuss a special status for Crimea and the territories occupied before the war.

“However, we are not ready to accept the occupation of the territories Russia conquered in the course of this war.”

When asked about Putin’s aims and the threats to target Kyiv’s ‘decision-making centres’, Mr Leshchenko mocked the Kremlin.

He replied: “The Russians are hostages of their own wrong decisions.

“They have not understood what Ukraine is.

“They live in this imaginary reality from the times of the Cold War.”

And the high-level Ukrainian official concluded: “Putin is behaving like a despot.

“Like after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when demonstrators tried to break into his KGB office in Dresden: He threatened to shoot them.”

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