Queen puts people at ease with unique two-word technique to personalise all greetings

As the Queen embarks upon multiple engagements to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, the Monarch will need to rely on her trusted technique to make her guests feel at ease. The Queen’s clever practice was revealed by children’s author Julia Donaldson who met Her Majesty when she received a prestigious award.

Ms Donaldson wrote the famous children’s book The Gruffalo and was appointed a CBE at the Queen’s honours.

The author revealed to Whimn: “I was told the Queen goes through the potted biographies with a yellow marker and just two words get highlighted.”

She added: “So when you get called up the equerry shows her the words. I did my little curtsey and she said, ‘Oh, so you’re a writer. You’re very popular…’

I went off thinking ‘writer/popular…’ those must have been my two words.”

After the Queen has been suffering from ailing health and pulling out of engagements, Ms Donaldson noted how the Monarch will meet “75 people every session” for the CBE ceremonies.

She added that she was “full of admiration” for the Queen as “she’s on her feet the whole time”.

The Queen’s strategy to remember the people she meets allows her to uphold standards and adds a personal touch to every interaction she has with people.

It also enables her to put people slightly more at ease when they are confronted with meeting Her Majesty as they realise that she is aware of who they are and can hold a conversation with them.

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“‘She talked about how irritating it was to go into a party and as she put it, watch people peel away, like the water parting as the bow of a ship ploughed through it.’”

“‘She said she always felt it would be lovely to just slip into a party, wandering around incognito, talking to anyone she felt like.

“‘But the thing that irritated her was the inevitable hush that always greeted her when they saw her walking in.’”

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