Queen's funeral latest: Armed forces flood Waterloo amid 'unprecedented' risk – watch here

The final person through the queue was Christina Heerey, who said it was “an honour” to be the final person to bow her head at the coffin.

She said: “It is an honour. I am currently serving with the Royal Air Force, so to be able to do that on behalf of the Royal Air Force and a female to an amazing lady that will never be replaced.

“Obviously I swore my allegiance to her. I just feel very proud. Being in the Air Force being one of her subjects.”

It was the second time Ms Heerey, from High Wycombe, went through the Hall in 24 hours, having already been through at 1.15am this morning. She started queuing at 5.15pm yesterday.

“I needed to go through again,” she said, and added: “So I’ve just obviously come through last of all, then and I just felt very proud that I was there and I’m just honoured, very honoured, that I was given the privilege to be able to go through again and obviously be the last person.

“I didn’t realise it was going to be like this.”

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