Queen's Sandringham estate bees working hard to make ‘absolutely delicious' royal honey

The honey is being collected from hives placed around fields and hedgerows at the Royal Family’s rural retreat. The hives were reportedly introduced as part of the estate’s move to become fully organic, something that has been pushed by Prince Charles, reports MailOnline.

A sign on display at the Sandringham estate shop reads: “Sandringham Bee-Keeper, Leigh Goodsell is the provider of our amazing honey.

“Each batch has its own distinct flavour, depending where the beehives are at the time of collection.

“It could be the taste of the Lime trees which line roads here at Sandringham, heather or even lavender, which are both grown on the estate.

“Whatever the flavour, expect an amazing taste of nature.”

The 454g jars have left honey fans buzzing with excitement and are flying off the shelves at the gift shop on the estate in north Norfolk.

According to MailOnline, one shopper who bought a jar of the Sandringham honey said: “It is rather expensive – but it tastes absolutely delicious so it is worth it.”

The jars are about three times the price of many supermarket branded options.

The estate has lots of food items and condiments on sale, including special royal ketchup and brown sauce.

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The report claimed that honey has been produced for the royal kitchens from hives in a hidden part of the gardens at Buckingham Palace since 2009, but not for sale.

Prince Charles already sells two varieties of organic bees at his Gloucestershire home.

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