Real life Hot Fuzz! Police rescue ‘exhausted’ swan causing carnage on busy road

Officers were unflappable as they swooped in to save the exhausted bird which had been chased onto the route by angry adult swans. One officer was caught on camera grappling with the swan in Leicester Road, Loughborough, before it was handed over to the RSPCA.

Charnwood Police tweeted: “Our very own swan whisperer has saved this beautiful creature from serious harm today.”

A Leicestershire Police spokesperson added: “The swan was seen by officers close to the road while driving along Leicester Road in Loughborough, close to the junction with Beeches Road.

“They believed the swan to be injured, so stopped. It has since been handed over to the RSPCA.”

An RSPCA spokesperson said an officer from the animal charity collected the juvenile swan which was believed to have been exhausted after being chased by other adult swans guarding their territory on Wednesday.

She added: “He was checked over and later released to a safe spot.

“We are grateful to everyone who was involved in helping the swan.

“The swan happily swam off when released and started looking for new friends.”

Pegg and Frost’s 2007 comedy film followed two hapless police officers investigating deaths in the fictional town of Sandford.


The Wildlife Ambulance says most swans end up on roads because of turbulence in lakes and rivers.

Wind can also cause them to crash land onto roads or in fields.

The organisation advises people not to walk a swan back to a river or lake unless they are recommended to do so.

In May, a Wildlife Ambulance spokesperson told “Swans are powerful birds and are the largest bird in the UK.

“Unless you are suffering from a condition like brittle bones, are a child, or happen to fall as a result of being hit by a swan, you are very unlikely to break your arm or leg by being hit by a swan’s wing.

“They can give you a nasty bruise, their nails on their toes can scratch skin if you pick them up, their beaks can pinch your skin, but that is about it.

“Be aware that swans are very territorial birds especially when they have their young about. A swan will charge down a river or across a lake if they think you are a threat. It is best to keep your movements slow and keep well clear if you are at all concerned about being near a swan.”

Anyone who spots a swan in an unusual place should report it to the RSPCA as soon as possible.

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