'Reduces costs by £550!' Little-known tips to save drivers money on car running costs

With the cost of living crisis only expected to get worse ahead of autumn and winter, motorists across the UK have been advised to make small changes to their car running routines in order to save money. According to some motoringe experts, drivers could save as much as £550 in a year by following the little-known tips. 

To help with the raging crisis, experts at Leasing Options have uncovered how making a few changes could make a difference to the annual expenses.

They added that while the annual cost of owning a car comes to £5,744, some changes can knock off as much as £550.

The experts said: “Drivers are encouraged to follow some key steps to reduce their car costs by £550.”

Mike Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Leasing Options, added: “After a period of skyrocketing fuel prices, the cost of owning a car is once again putting a strain on Brits, especially when combined with the current cost-of-living crisis. 

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Insurance providers offer exclusive quotes to new customers, so it’s worth taking the time to look into which will offer drivers the best deal.

Better yet, motorists can go back to their current provider to see if they can match or beat that exclusive quote.

Performing car maintenance saves £42 per year

Car maintenance seems daunting at first but if drivers are willing to get their hands dirty, there are numerous small maintenance tasks they can perform to avoid a costly trip to the garage.

Tasks such as changing windscreen wipers, replacing an air filter and fixing new headlight bulbs are all easily done without leaving the driveway.

Doing just these maintenance tasks at home instead of in a mechanic’s garage would save £78 per year.

If motorists are not feeling confident doing the work themselves, they can ask a competent friend/family member to perform the maintenance or take their car to a trusted local garage to avoid any damage to their car.

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