'Remainiacs' mocked over claim end of Boris means end of Brexit – 'They'd lose harder'

Mr Johnson has faced numerous calls to resign after he admitted to having attended a “bring your own booze” party at Downing Street – what he claims to have believed was a “work event” – during the first national lockdown. Given his high-profile position during the 2016 referendum campaign, the idea of the Prime Minister out of office – either by choice or as a result of force – has renewed the hopes of Remainers that, more than half a decade down the line, Brexit could be reversed. For Martin Daubney, this hope is akin to an “illusion”.

The deputy leader of Reclaim wrote in a post on Twitter: “Remainiacs are under the illusion that if Boris goes, rejoining the EU is on the table.


“They’d lose harder than before in any second referendum.”

He added that a second referendum “won’t happen”, regardless.

Among those who have suggested Brexit could be reconsidered if Mr Johnson leaves Number 10 is former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine.

Lord Heseltine told Times Radio earlier this week: “The Brexit agenda was a pack of lies…

“What happens if Boris goes, does Brexit go – throw the whole thing up in the air?”

He asked: “Will the majority, now, of people who believe Brexit was wrong have another chance to express their view?”

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Andrew Adonis, another leading Remainer, also weighed into the debate.

Lord Adonis recently and quite simply declared in a post on Twitter: “If Boris goes, Brexit goes.”

Impossible, claimed Mr Daubney, who said: “Even with entire establishment on their side last time – the BBC, Westminster, the Bank of England, etc – they [the Remainers] lost.”

This comes after French journalist and economist François Lenglet, of RTE, suggested ‘Leave’ voters had been vindicated.

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Despite countless warnings from politicians, journalists and business leaders of economic ruination ahead of the 2016 referendum, Mr Lenglet said Brexit had not ben a “catastrophe”.

He added that Britain now has a “relatively prosperous future” ahead of itself outside the EU.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer – previously a staunch support of a second referendum – dealt a further blow to those agitating for Britain to rejoin the EU earlier this week when he said Brexit was done.

Sir Keir said his party was now driven to “make Brexit work”.

He added: “We’ve left the EU. There’s no case for rejoining, so we have to make it work.”

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