Restaurant hits out after French guest accuses it of being 'xenophobic'

The man called “Pierre” had contacted The Wee Restaurant in Fife, Scotland, to try to book for 18 people last Friday night. The restaurant couldn’t accommodate the booking and, after “insisting” multiple times, the man demanded staff call him.

During the phone conversation, Edinburgh Live reports, Pierre had allegedly made threats to slam the eatery on TripAdvisor and it is said he called the business “xenophobic and only wanting locals”.

But the award-winning restaurant, which was established in 2006 and serves food made from locally-sourced produce, shamed the man on social media.

The Facebook page reads: “Just had the most horrid phone call to a ‘Pierre J’ from France who wished to book the restaurant for 18 people.

“Which in three emails we advised him we could not accommodate such a large number of people on a Friday dinner service despite his insistence. He used the word insist in his second email. In his fourth email he stated he would put a negative reviews on Michelin and TripAdvisor.

“Thus I called him to complain his threats were very poor taste and possibly unlawful. He stated he we were being xenophobic and only wanting locals. I told him nothing further from the truth.”

The employee who spoke with Pierre on the phone, believed to be the manager, was “left in tears with rage”.

“End of story – me coming off the call in tears with rage and had to go and punch a pillow several times at the frustration of dealing with unreasonable people,” the Facebook post continued.

“We welcome everyone but only take eight people at any one time so service flows for all. I asked for an apology for his threatening email and his incorrect reading of the communications as if he remembers he was offered lunchtime for the booking and we unable to accommodate solely to due with the number of guests in a small restaurant.

“He just didn’t get what he wanted so he was willing to throw his toys out the pram with a threat to my and my staffs livelihood. Arrogant man who obviously doesn’t like to be told no, even in a polite manner.”

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