Ronnie O'Sullivan refuses to move in another frosty ref row in World Championship final

Ronnie O’Sullivan was involved in yet another ref row on Monday during his World Snooker Championship final with Judd Trump. O’Sullivan finished Sunday in total control at The Crucible, leading his fellow Englishman 12-8 after continuing the supreme form he’s shown throughout in Sheffield. He currently leads 14-11 after Monday’s first session.

But throughout the final, O’Sullivan has had tense relations with match referee Olivier Martell. They came to a head again in the opening session when O’Sullivan appeared to try and obstruct Martell as he sought a clear view of where he could re-spot to white.

The Wordsley-born star left his cue flat against the table while holding it, actions which clearly irritated his new nemesis. On Eurosport coverage the referee could be clearly heard asking “Can I check please?” – but The Rocket refused to move from his spot.

“That is the line. That is the line,” O’Sullivan said, implying he needed to remain in position in order to line up his next pot. Bizarrely, Martell eventually had to duck underneath O’Sullivan’s cue in order to carry out the re-spot, and to his relief both players agreed with his placement.

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O’Sullivan’s has had an ongoing battle with Martell, which seemingly began when ‘The Rocket’ complained about the movements of a security guard. The pair later argued about ball placement and then had a further spat – although it was not clear what about exactly.

During the verbal altercation, the six-time champion saying said to the official: “You tell me what you saw. You saw nothing. Go and look at the camera. You saw nothing.” He later told reporters that he believed Martell was “looking for trouble”. 

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