Royal Family LIVE: Ignore preaching! Harry backlash over £7m gaffe and 'double standards'

Prince Harry has been criticised after it was reported he flew from California to Aspen, Colorado, using a private jet.

The Duke of Sussex, who has often voiced his concerns regarding climate change and works with organisations focused on the environment and conservation, reportedly made the 90-minute trip on a £7.67million Bombardier Challenger 600, after arriving at the airport in an electric car.

But prior to leaving California, the jet reportedly had to remain idle on the tarmac for a few minutes while the Duke was waiting for his polo kit to arrive in a separate SUV.

Anna Hughes, a climate campaigner and director at Flight Free UK, told the Daily Mail: “Harry talks a lot about the environment, yet actions need to follow words and this example shows he doesn’t.

“We want people in the public eye to be demonstrating low-carbon behaviour especially when they talk about it – and Harry says he’s only having two children for the sake of the planet.

“He has so much potential to do good but he keeps taking private jets.

“It seems to be at odds with his message.”

GB News host Dan Wootton also wrote on Twitter: “Prince Harry arrived for a flight on a private jet for a one-day polo match – before the aircraft sat idling on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes as it waited for his staff to arrive in a gas-guzzling SUV to drop off his polo kit. Ignore his preaching!”

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