Royal fan spends $1000 to see Kate Middleton at Harvard – 'Worth every cent'

A Royal Fan paid $1000 (£813) to travel from Virginia to see the Princess of Wales during her visit to Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts according to a royal correspondent. Writing on Twitter, Matt Wilkinson the Royal Editor at The Sun said that the Princess had bee warmly received during the visit by well-wishers.

He added that the female fan who had spent $1000 to see the Duchess of Cambridge said it was “worth every cent”.

He said: “The Princess of Wales greeting well-wishers at Harvard today.

“One fan has spent $1,000 to travel from Virginia to see Kate.

“She said “it was worth every cent.”

The center on the Developing Child drives research and development to better inform policies in relation to children who face adversity.

The Royal Foundation and The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood both have a relationship with the center.

During her visit, the Princess spoke to researchers about what advances could be made scientifically to better the lives of children everywhere.

Her visit reflects the royal’s long-term interest and support for the field of childhood development.

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He said: ” I was very inspired by how serious she is in wanting to lean into an early childhood agenda. It was remarkably relaxed and informative.

“It was a lovely one hour that we spent with her.

“I see her as very motivated in having an impact on the world.”

He added: “She is personally an understated person, there was no sense of an ego in the room.

“You really get a sense that she understands the power of her platform and has a desire to do good and make a difference.”

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