‘Rude and dismissive!’ Naga Munchetty under fire as BBC viewers fume at Coffey interview

Health secretary Thérèse Coffey is set to outline a new plan for the NHS on Thursday which will guarantee no one will wait more than two weeks for an appointment with a GP. The new mandate has already been criticised by doctors, and Coffey’s interview with Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast came under fire as the broadcaster made constant interruptions to try and make the MP’s points clear.

BBC viewers slammed Munchetty’s disorganised interview with Coffey as she outlined her divisive plan to ensure patients aren’t waiting longer than 14 days for a GP appointment.

Coffey’s plans have been criticised by doctors and health experts, some of whom believe the cap on appointments will only put more pressure on already over-burdened surgeries.

Speaking over Coffey, she said: “Sorry, when you say… I understand you’ll be setting out more detail.

“When you say ‘unlocking’, does that mean there’s money there that just hasn’t been able to be used?”

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Munchetty also questioned where the funding for the new demands on appointments would be coming from.

She asked if there was “spare money”, to which Coffey explained her plan was about clinicians having the freedom to designate their own funds.

“Excuse my confusion then,” Munchetty tried to begin. “Excuse my confusion…”

“Over 44 percent of our national expenditure on day-to-day running of the country goes to the NHS,” Coffey explained.

“@TVNaga01 here we go again!” @Sniffer1967 exclaimed. “You can’t bear allowing someone you don’t like to finish their answer to a question!

“It’s always obvious when you dislike someone – can’t wait to butt in!”

And @DanDan_1979 said: “What an annoying interview both as bad as each other #bbcbreakfast stop talking other each other!!”

Although, other viewers were glad to see Munchetty scrutinising Coffey’s plans, which some doctors have called unrealistic.

“Loving the interview on @BBCBreakfast @TVNaga01 holding @theresecoffey to account!” Catherine B said.

“Not letting her just try to use key words without backing up! Like recruitment! The ones on benefits aren’t GPs and nurses! #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #notGPsfault #funding.”

And Paul Carr quipped: “@theresecoffey sounding pretty blaa-blaa-blaa on @BBCBreakfast!

“I just don’t hear anything worth commenting on? The public don’t need more information – we need more GP’s and nursing staff who are properly paid.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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