Russia tricked with 'deception operation' as Ukraine fooled Vladimir Putin's generals

Major General James Marks explained Putin’s military plans to connect the 2014 annexed area of Crimea with Luhansk and Donetsk. The retired military expert claimed that Ukraine’s military was able to get into the heads of Russian commanders in order to trick them into firing in another direction whilst they seized back areas of their land. Major General James Marks described Ukrainian troops using one deceptive manoeuvre of starting fires in order to reinforce the Russian military positions in the wrong direction. Over the past few weeks, Ukraine’s army has had major successes in recapturing key territories which were being held by Russian forces.

Major General James Marks told CNN: “The Russians have all along indicated that this was their objective.

“They wanted to connect Donetsk, Luhansk with Crimea this land ridge right here so in the mind of the enemy commander this is what’s most important.

“So what the Ukrainians did, is they did a deception operation and tried to convince successfully that the Russians… To convince the Russians that this is where they were attacking.

“That was not the case, but they did it with fires, they did it with manoeuvre… They did everything you should do to get into the head of the commander and reinforce his disposition.

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Major General James Marks added: “His thoughts about what you’re going to do, just a little bit of archaic military stuff here.

“But what they did, is they faked here and they did their primary attack here.

“So, this is what Ukraine looked like a month ago, this is what it looked like yesterday.

“This incredible success in this area because of the operational initiative of the Ukrainians, it’s quite phenomenal.”

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A senior official, Oleksii Hromov with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has explained how Ukraine’s military has now managed to regain regions of land.

Mr Hromov said: “establish control over 93 settlements, [and] take control over more than 2,400 square kilometres.”

“In the Kherson direction, the enemy is trying to counterattack at the expense of reserves in order to restrain the advance of our troops and regain lost positions.

“Since October 1, 29 settlements have been taken under control.”


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