Russian mercenaries 'complain about rotting equipment' as Putin's invasion unravels

Footage has emerged of soldiers from the self-proclaimed pro-Russian Luhansk People’s Republic complaining about the poor equipment they have been provided with on the frontline. Nexta, which monitors the conflict, tweeted the video, adding: “Mercenaries of the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ complain about their poor equipment.” Vladimir Putin has increasingly relied on mercenary forces amid estimates that 500 Russian troops are killed or wounded every day. 

In the clip, one soldier tells the camera that he was given ill-fitting shoes while another is forced to wear red trainers. 

Another troop shows rotting fabric and material worn and carried by the soldiers.

@Arkady001 tweeted: “Re-issued (dead man’s) boots in odd sizes and rotting webbing fabric from years of improper storage. Tell me again how Russia can’t lose?”

It is unclear from the video whether the troops are mercenaries or not.

However, several viewers on the clip remarked the troops were simply “cannon fodder” for Vladimir Putin.

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@LofwingStephan noted: “It is not the intention of the Russians to use those mercenaries for anything other than as cannon fodder.”

Earlier this summer, Russian forces captured the Luhansk region of Ukraine, in the easternmost part of the country.

However, President Putin’s aim at capturing the entire eastern region, including neighbouring Donetsk, has stalled.

American intelligence and military officials claim the arrival of new weapons from the UK and US have allowed Ukrainian troops to take back some territory.

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