Ruth Langsford 'earned MORE than co-stars Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield' amid row


On his departure from This Morning, Eamonn told the Daily Mail: “No one explained anything to me.

“I’m all for TV companies being able to choose who works for them, but it would be nice if you were told why you were going. 

“They’re sly. They didn’t want to announce that I’d been dropped because it would adversely affect audience figures, so they made it look as if I’d walked away from them rather than the other way round.  

“They had a chat with my agent and announced that I was going to GB News when they’d done no more than ask if I’d be interested in joining them.

He added: “I’m not going to have myself derided as some sort of has-been. I may be male and pale but I’m still at the top of my game.”

He also fumed while discussing Phillip: “Phillip is renowned for snubbing people. He’s very passive-aggressive.”


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