Ruth Langsford issues warning to Eamonn Holmes 'I have a big bone to pick'

Loose Women panellist Ruth Langsford set the record straight about a “row” with Eamonn Holmes on the ITV talk show. She told viewers her husband, who presents GB News, “should be worried” after he told his social media followers about a tiff they had over where their eggcups are kept. 

Looking into the camera and addressing her husband directly, Ruth said: “Eamonn Holmes, darling, you should be worried now.” 

She continued: “Right I have a big bone to pick with my husband because I did not know this had gone on. I just saw a headline which popped up on Google.” 

The headline, which was shown to Loose Women viewers, said Eamonn was in Ruth’s “bad books” after an “innocent question sparked a row”. 

As Ruth was explaining the story she added: “I was like, ‘What? Where has he said that?'”

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She went onto his Twitter and found a post which read: “Little could I have imagined that a simple question asked out loud like ‘Where do we keep the eggcups?’ Would have got the day off to such a fractious start.

“Sorry I asked,” Eamonn added alongside an array of confused face emojis.

The Northern Irish broadcaster’s remarks sparked an online debate, with many people siding with Ruth.

Explaining herself to the Loose Women panel, Ruth fumed: “Yes, that did happen because he never knows where anything is.” 

Christine Quinney said: “It’s funny Eamonn, my husband knows which cupboard to get things from, funny though… After he’s emptied the dishwasher he never knows where they go back! After 41 years, I’ve given up!”

Anna commented: “Oh dear. Bless you, Eamonn and I know you know this, but we (ladies) were born with an inbuilt finding instinct which our husbands don’t have. 

“It isn’t our fault that we get irritated by the fact you don’t have it (or listen when we tell you things).” 

@Sizefive1 said: “Sounds like my husband and sons. My husband didn’t even know what colour our curtains were and we’d had them up for three years. Men and women are totally wired differently but all good.”

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