Scotland deserves better! Truss tears into Sturgeon in furious attack live on stage- VIDEO

Liz Truss attacked Nicola Sturgeon during Perth hustings and accused the Scottish First Minister of having “let Scotland down”. Referring to Scottish people, she said “Scotland deserves better and they want better” as she vowed to never “let our family be split up” as new Prime Minister. 

Liz Truss said: “I will never let our family be split up, I know Scotland is a great country, full of enterprise and ideas.

“Scotland has been let down by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP government, they have been pushing an agenda of separationism rather than dealing with the issues.

“I know that people of Scotland deserve bettwe and they want better.

“What they want is jobs and more opportunities, what they want for their children is good education, 

“in short, what they want is an aspiration nation adn that is what I will seek to deliver as your Prime Minister”.


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