Seatbelt sign 'chime' acts as a secret 'language between pilots and flight attendants'

When travelling onboard an aeroplane, you might have noticed a “chime” noise as the seatbelt sign goes on. However, you may have also noticed these dings occur throughout the flight, at times even when the seatbelt sign remains off.

Experts The Points Guy UK previously revealed that these noises can be thought of a little like a “language between pilots and flight attendants” so they can communicate on the flight.

At times, the sounds may be to do with an aircraft change, such as at take-off.

Qantas explained: “There can be up to 30 crew both cabin and pilots spread throughout an aircraft on a long haul flight. So, good communications are crucial.

“That’s where all the bells come in. On our Airbus aircraft, you’ll hear the ‘boing’ sound shortly after take-off – this sound lets crew know that the landing gear is being retracted.

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“Depending on where you are sitting, you can probably hear or feel it moving.

“If you’re downstairs in the pointy end of one of our Boeing 747’s – you’re basically sitting right on top of the front landing gear.”

The second “boing” tends to be when the seatbelt sign has been switched off.

However, some crew members have also said this could be for more mundane matters.

They’re probably asking if there are more snacks for another part of the cabin.”

A “triple chime lo-lo” tends to be a “priority message from the captain or other crew members which could be letting them know there may be turbulence ahead, so they should start putting away the meal carts and be ready in case the fasten seat belt sign comes on.”

Some of the chimes you may hear onboard, flight experts refused to disclose.

Airbus spokeswoman Kara Evanko told The Huffington Post that each carrier changes the sound system slightly.

The Points Guy UK said: “Several airlines — including JetBlue, Delta and American — confirmed their fleet’s usage of chimes, though their spokespersons declined to share details citing security reasons.”

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