'Sent to the wrong place' Two common passenger mistakes can increase risk of lost luggage

A baggage handler has revealed two common passenger mistakes that can make getting their luggage where it needs to be a lot harder. Though holidaymakers often have luggage restrictions to contend with while packing their suitcases, there are some key things they might forget about which can increase the risk of their bags going missing.

The baggage handler shared insight into some typical problems he faces at work in a Reddit forum dedicated to “baggage tips from a baggage handler”.

He explained that although some of his suggestions “might sound like common sense, you would be amazed at how some people pack”.

When you buy a new suitcase, you might have noticed it comes with a luggage tag filed to the exterior.

Posting under the username Craigyboy, the baggage handler said: “Actually fill out the name and address form that is attached or built-in.

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“If your luggage is for whatever reason misplaced, if we have no contact number to phone, we won’t be able to contact our superiors to say ‘Mr Smith’s bag tags have come off, which flight was he on so we can reprint them’.

“We don’t want to go through your belongings looking for a name, so make sure it’s on there.” [SIC]

A secure luggage tag with legible information also helps bring a bag home in the event it is sent to the wrong part of the airport, or the wrong destination altogether.

Forgetting to remove used baggage tags could increase the risk of arriving at your destination to find your bags have gone elsewhere.

The baggage handler explained: “If you have a bag tag from two years ago, as well as a load of other ones, it takes us infinitely longer to find the right date for where it’s supposed to be going.

“God forbid we actually misinterpret it and send it to the wrong place.

“This almost always happens because the tags are confusing and we only have an hour to sort 800 bags going to three places.”

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