'Single-handedly one of the main causes': Ease bloating and constipation by tackling habit

Eve Kalinik is a gut health specialist and author of Happy Gut, Happy Mind: How to Feel Good From Within. She recommended tackling one major eating habit to help bloating.

Causes of bloating

What causes bloating?


Constipation can cause bloating as the bowels become full and irritated.

Food intolerances and food-related diseases or syndromes

Food intolerances can cause all sorts of dietary side effects, such as excess gas or trouble passing waste.

Coeliac disease, when the body cannot absorb the gluten in wheat, can cause bloating along with other side effects.

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can cause bloating too.

Swallowing air

Swallowing air while you eat also causes bloating.

It can happen when you eat too fast, chew gum or smoke.


Sometimes menstruation can cause bloating for women.

There is a type of breakfast to help soothe constipation pain too.

Eve suggested adding a special ingredient to oats for your breakfast and they can help to move the bowels.

Eve said: “Ground flaxseed can be effective as this helps to add bulk and soften the stools, which can help to promote regular movement through the gut.

“Add this to your morning oats or simply mix with some yogurt.”

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