Sophie Wessex's £35k engagement ring has similarity to Meghan's- 'romantic & meaningful'

Charlotte began: “The Countess of Wessex’s engagement ring given to her by Prince Edward was created by Garrard.”

Certainly fitting for a countess, Garrard “has been synonymous with some of the most iconic and precious jewellery in existence” since 1735, according to their website.

She continued: “It appears to feature a large two carat oval diamond, complimented by two 0.4 carat trillion shaped diamonds on either side, set on a white gold band.

“At 77 Diamonds, an engagement ring of this style and quality – a D or E colour grade, and VVS clarity – would typically cost approximately £20,000.”

Engagement ring specialist With Clarity explained: “Given that the scale goes from D to Z, D is the highest or rarest and most expensive diamond colour. A D colour diamond has no visible tint of colour whatsoever.

“This is the most prized or valuable diamond colour in the world. It is considered colourless, by industry trade terms. There are no eye distractions that impede the diamond’s light performance and sparkle. The white colour makes the diamond look absolutely stunning and desirable.”

Ideal for “perfectionists”, it is unsurprising that Prince Edward would select this ring for his beautiful bride.

They continued: “The E colour diamond also falls in the colourless range of diamonds. It is very rare, and also has a significant premium. The colour is not visible to the naked eye and the difference between E and D is almost undetectable, especially when set in jewellery or engagement rings.

“E colour diamonds represent less than 1 percent of all the world’s diamonds and are premium gem quality.”

While such a ring would cost approximately £20,000 at 77 Diamonds, Charlotte stated: “If purchasing this specification of ring at many other Mayfair jewellers, it would be priced in the region of £35,000.”

As for the style of the ring, it is known as a “Trilogy ring”.

“Traditionally the three central diamonds are said to represent the couple’s past, present and future.”

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The “very romantic and meaningful choice of design” speaks to Prince Edward and Countess Sophie’s long-lasting love.

Indeed, of all Queen Elizabeth II’s children, Prince Edward is the only one who has not been divorced, and their love story has lasted well into the 21st century.

Another royal woman who boasts a Trilogy ring is none other than Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Her ring from Prince Harry was undeniably more expensive, valued at £134,500, but the romantic sentiment both rings share is priceless.

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