Spain holidays: Benidorm wants to scrap restrictions like England – ‘eliminate obstacles'

The president of the Hosbec hotel association, Toni Mayor, has called for restrictions in Benidorm to scrapped. Many Britons travel to the Spanish resort every year.

England is set to end ‘Plan B’ Covid restrictions on January 26 and the Hosbec president believes that the Spanish Government should do the same.

Mayor said: “The Government should eliminate all obstacles for the arrival of visitors just as they (England) have done.

“Everything that normalises relations is good for the sector, in addition to removing all obstacles, such as the Covid passport, if the downward trend in infections is confirmed, as experts predict.”

However, the president of the Valencia region, Ximo Puig, has said he plans to extend use of the Covid passport beyond January 31.

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Puig argued that the Covid passport helps to protect businesses and lower the transmission of Covid.

Mayor said: “As infection rates fall, businesses are in favour of its elimination because it has not managed to stop the latest pandemic wave, and if the downward trend is confirmed with less serious infections, then the Valencian Government should end it.”

He added he was optimistic about the upcoming season, saying: “The beginning of the end is near.

“And if things continue as good as they are, then I think we will have a good spring and Easter, which will be the prelude to achieving a normal summer.”


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