Stanley Tucci admits 'guilt' when proposing to Emily Blunt's sister after death of wife

Stanley Tucci, 61, appears on our screens this morning on BBC One as he joins Matt Tebbutt on Saturday Kitchen. The Hollywood actor met his second wife Felicity Blunt at the premiere of Devil Wears Prada, as she came with her sister Emily Blunt. Stanley has admitted how “guilty” he felt when proposing to his now-wife after the death of his first wife, Kate, to cancer in 2009.

Stanley had three children with Kate and previously reflected on the impact her death had on him.

In an interview with CBS This Morning last year, Stanley said: “You never stop grieving. You never stop grieving.

“And it’s still hard after 11 years, it’s still hard, and it always will be hard.

“But you can’t let it – and she would never want any of us to – to wallow in that grief and let it take over our lives.

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According to ABC News, Stanley left New York City, where he lived with Kate for a “fresh start” in London.

The couple have now been happily married for ten years and have had two children together, adding to Stanley’s three children from his previous marriage.

Speaking about the struggles of design with such a busy household, he said: “It’s not easy to find somebody who is going to take on three teenagers and a widower.

“That’s a lot, but she was willing to take on that challenge.”

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