'Stave off disease' When is the best time to prune camellia plants?

Pruning camellia plants is not essential but the task can help to promote a healthy plant by keeping some diseases at bay and adding a better shape to your shrub. However, the time of year you decide to carry out the task makes all of the difference.

How to prune a camellia to stave off disease

Any disease you notice should be cut out as soon as you catch sight of it.

Gardening Know How explained: “Camellia pruning to control disease and pests consists of thinning out some of the inner branches to improve airflow and allow more light to reach deeper into the plant.

“These two factors can help reduce problems that are common to a camellia plant.”

Begin by inspecting the interior of the camellia plant and identifying any small or weak branches which are not the main branches.

Then, use a sharp, clean pair of pruners to snip off these branches.

Make sure to cut right at the place it meets the main branch.

How to prune camellia plants for shape

According to Gardening Know How: “Shaping the plant will encourage more vigorous, bushy growth and will increase the number of blooms.”

Once your plant has finished blooming, pinch or snap the end of the branches to the desired size.

The experts added: “If you want your growing camellias to grow larger than they currently are, just prune back an inch or less.

“If you would like your camellias to stay a certain size, cut them back to a few inches less than the size you desire.”

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