'Stay away': Covid symptoms have 'transpired into lots of other symptoms' warns doctor

After a period of retreat, Covid has come roaring back in the UK. According to the ZOE COVID Study incidence figures, which collects the latest data from users across the UK, in total there are currently 285,507 new daily symptomatic cases of Covid in the UK on average. The UK hasn’t seen these kinds of numbers since the height of the pandemic.

The message from public health officials is clear: get tested and avoid the most vulnerable if you experience symptoms.

However, as GP Doctor Helen Wall pointed out on BBC Breakfast on Friday, this is easier said than done.

“The challenging thing about Covid is that we do not always get symptoms, that’s why it’s spread so floridly over the last couple of years.”

However, it’s still important to act on the warning signs if you spot them and the landscape is shifting in this regard, the doc noted.

“If you do get symptoms it can be anything from a fever, aches and pains. Snuffles. Coughs,” she explained.

Doctor Wall continued: “In the early days we were very much focussed on the respiratory symptoms – if you’ve got a cough or shortness of breath it’s probably Covid.

“We know now that it’s transpired into lots of other symptoms, it can even be a bad stomach.”

The doc added: “So it’s really difficult to say without testing that it’s Covid.”

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