Steven Gerrard scrutinises Des Kelly's questions in spiky interview after Arsenal defeat

Steven Gerrard made it clear he was not best pleased with BT’s Des Kelly’s line of questioning after Aston Villa flattered to deceive in their 1-0 Premier League defeat to Arsenal. Bukayo Saka’s first-half strike was enough to earn the Gunners all three points as Gerrard’s men struggled to get going until late in the second half.

The former Liverpool captain was frustrated by his side’s performance and lack of belief throughout the entirety of the encounter.

It was something he felt he made clear during his interview with Kelly, who seemingly pushed Gerrard over the edge.

“I don’t think you got a shot on target until right at the end there,” Kelly said to the Villa boss, who had just extensively criticised his own team’s performance.

Gerrard hit back: “Yeah that’s exactly how I just described the game to you though, is it not?

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“Not good enough first half and then pushed the game second half, got some good crosses in and more interesting moments. I thought the performance was a lot more positive second half.”

He then sarcastically added: “But well done for spotting that.”

Kelly continued: “Well since you arrived you’ve made a lot of progress but you’ve also lost to Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, so there is still that gap that you have to close.”

To which Gerrard replied: “Well done again Des for recognising that and if you asked me the question, I’d say the league table doesn’t lie.

“I’d say that Manchester, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, West Ham, Wolves are ahead of us for a reason at the moment and there’s a gap.

“That’s what we’re striving to do and if we want to take one of those players, we’ve got to be positive, we’ve got to believe. We can’t be indecisive, we’ve got to go and grab it off of them.

“But I do like the way you work them things out pretty quick…”

Kelly, who worked with Gerrard during the former England star’s brief punditry stint with BT Sport, added: “I think you’re aggressive in the interview and you should be telling your players to do the same thing…”

Gerrard responded typically honestly: “I tell you what I am in the interview, I’m emotional and I care.

“I actually thought your questions could be a little more better in all honesty, no disrespect Des, it’s nothing personal but you just said to me, there’s a gap to Manchester United, City, we know that.

“You also said we had one shot on target, that’s how I described the game.”

There was still plenty of respect between the pair, as the interview ended with a handshake.

Gerrard smiled as he concluded the spiky encounter: “Cheers Des, all the best fella.”

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