‘Stops them coming back’: Gardening expert shares how to kill ‘lots of’ perennial weeds

Weeds are unsightly plants that always seem to pop up in the worst places. Perennial weeds, in particular, can be tricky to get rid of and will return again and again unless their roots are completely removed from the ground. For those looking to completely get rid of perennial weeds, gardening expert Matt James has shared his advice in a video for B&Q.

Matt said the “best thing” to do when getting rid of weeds from a plot like a vegetable patch is to use a hoe.

The hoe will sever any weeds from their roots, leaving them to die on the surface of the soil.

Then, cover the area with black landscape fabric to “stop them coming back”.

Matt said gardeners “shouldn’t need to use a weed killer”, however, the one “exception” is when gardeners are faced with “lots and lots” of perennial weeds.

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He added: “But once you’ve done it once or perhaps twice if it’s particularly pernicious you never need to use them again.”

Annual weeds grow, flower and set seed within one year and are therefore easier to eliminate.

The trick with removing annual weeds is to remove them before they set seed so they can’t produce more plants the following year.

Examples of annual weeds include chickweed, groundsel, hairy bittercress and fat hen.

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