‘Stops them in their tracks!’ Decoy to deter pigeons and stop them ‘pooping’ in gardens

Defenders Owl Defender costs £5.74 from Seasonal Home Online.

Woodside Large Realistic Bird/Pigeon/Crow Owl Decoy With Rotating Head is £9.99 from Woodside.

St Helens Home & Garden Life costs £12.85 from Amazon.

Other suggestions for deterring pigeons included using balloons, netting, CDs, a water pistol and spikes on fences.

Jazmin Castle said: “Balloons. Put a few around the garden especially planted areas and they won’t go near it.”

Stuart Egerton replied: “CDs tied to string attached to poles or fencing works against pigeons in the garden. The CDs reflective look scares pigeons from landing.”

Linda Kathleen McNally-Wilding commented: “My daughter made a mobile from old CDs because pigeons kept laying eggs in her hanging baskets. Two mobiles later and no pigeons.”

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