‘Stressful environment’: How to avoid houseplants becoming ‘crispy’ and ‘dry’ in winter

Contrary to popular belief, many houseplants are easy to care for, and can thrive for many years if done so correctly. However, if some are placed in the wrong environment or not kept in the necessary conditions, they can face several problems. One expert has urged plant owners to control the temperature of the rooms houseplant are kept in to avoid them getting damaged.

Kate Lindley, Product Manager at Baby Bio, Britain’s iconic houseplant feed and care products brand, exclusively told Express.co.uk how the winter is a “stressful environment” for indoor plants as they are constantly battling with extreme temperatures.

She said: “Most houseplants sit happily on our windowsills throughout the spring and summer, however in winter this can be a very stressful environment for plants, battling between the heat of radiators below and the draught coming through the windows. 

“As a general rule, plants don’t like being too warm or too cold.

“Any extreme temperatures from central heating and fires or draughts can cause damage.”

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“Remember to give them a gentle but regular mist using tepid water, too.”

Misting plants can help with rising humidity levels as well as helping to avoid overwatering of the plant.

The expert added: “Grouping plants together can also help increase humidity levels and prevent that dreaded winter crisp!”

Raising the humidity around indoor plants helps them to stay healthy in the winter.

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