Suella Braverman: New PM MUST use Brexit freedoms to cut taxes which slash bills

The Attorney General and former Brexit minister said: “I would like to cut taxes, that is my ironclad commitment.

“I would like to cut VAT on fuel and energy bills. I think that would help with the cost of energy and the cost of living.”

She went on: “I want to also cut corporation tax.

“We need to, post-Brexit, be a country which is outward looking and attractive for foreign businesses to invest.” 

Ms Braverman added that, “more importantly, domestic and British businesses need to benefit from a low tax climate so that they will feel more liberated and empowered to invest in jobs, to invest in research and enable growth”.

But she also hinted at Government cuts under her leadership.

She said: “We need to curb inflation.

“The amount of state spending needs to be looked at and I would carry out a spending review to look at how the state is actually spending its budgets.”

Tax cuts are the single biggest issue in the Conservative leadership contest.

Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already insisted he would bring corporation tax to 15 percent to boost investment and growth.

The current Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi has announced that he will slash income tax by a penny this year to an 19p basic rate in the £1 and another penny next year to 18p to put money back in people’s pockets.

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Other contenders have said they will push for a low tax economy including Tom Tugendhat, whose campaign has the backing of many of the influential Northern Research Group (NRG).

He favours an immediate cut in fuel duty to help with the cost of living.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is also known to have been an internal critic of tax rises brought in by Mr Sunak and would seek to reverse them.

Another surprise success, Kemi Badenoch said she supported lower taxes “to boost growth and productivity and accompanied by tight spending discipline”.

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