Sunak fears insider plot to destroy his career as Chancellor left floundering over leaks

The Chancellor has been hit by a barrage of negative publicity since his Spring Statement on March 22. After severe criticism for not doing enough to help hard-working Britons grappling with the cost of living crisis, attacks have since become more personal in nature.

Mr Sunak last night lashed out against a “smear” campaign being waged against him after details of his wife’s tax status emerged.

It was revealed earlier this week Akshata Murty has non-dom status, meaning she does not have to pay UK tax on income earned abroad.

It is claimed she could have avoided paying up to £20million in UK tax.

The details have been seized upon by Labour who say the Chancellor has “very, very serious questions to answer”.

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A Downing Street spokesman rejected the accusations No10 were briefing against the Chancellor, describing the claims as “categorically untrue”.

A Treasury source also sought to downplay the tensions, saying: “Neither the Chancellor nor anyone in his team believes this is coming from Number 10.”

Mr Sunak gave an interview last night in which he criticised attempts to destroy his political career by targeting his wife.

He said his wife paid all the tax she was required to.

The Richmond MP told The Sun: “Every single penny that she earns in the UK she pays UK taxes on, of course she does.

“And every penny that she earns internationally, for example in India, she would pay the full taxes on that.

“That is how the system works for people like her who are international who have moved here.”

He added: “To smear my wife to get at me is awful, right?”

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