Sunak only has 'matter of days' to beat Liz Truss 'Fewer and fewer opportunity to do that'

Rishi Sunak’s hope of overcoming Liz Truss’s commanding lead amongst conservative party members rests on a “matter of days” as the leadership race enters its final stages. GB News’s political correspondent Tom Harwood believes the former Chancellor needs “something big” soon if he is going to upset the odds and beat Ms Truss to Number 10. 

Mr Harwood told GB News: “If you look at betting markets it is extraordinary over 80 percent probability for Liz Truss under 20 percent probability for Rishi Sunak, that is where people are putting their money physically.

“Now people have bet wrong in the past but it does give a sense of inevitability here around this campaign.

“Of course, Liz Truss sustaining at the last poll a 24-point lead ahead of Rishi Sunak and that was before some of his less received debate performances and of course before his U-turn on the issue of tax, on that one specific issue of tax on VAT.

“So it does look like Rishi Sunak does need something big.”

He added: “If he is going to turn this around, and ballots land on the door mats of conservative party members from the start of next week, and we know that conservative party members are likely to vote pretty much as soon as they get their ballots.

“People are not going to be sitting on these for weeks, and weeks, and weeks before they finally send them off.

“Rishi Sunak has really a matter of days to make a big splash to turn things around.

“And it is looking like he is getting fewer and fewer opportunities to do just that.”

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