Sunak REJECTED plans by energy companies to freeze energy bills at less than £2,000

The Downing Street source said: “The advantage of doing it that way is that you could be much more flexible about what you give the money to.

“Free petrol vouchers for pensioners was one idea, or help for food banks. But Rishi blocked it because he is only keen on ideas he thinks for himself.”

Instead, Mr Sunak announced a £15billion package which gave households a £400 discount on energy bills, and a £650 relief for the eight million worst-off – numbers he has repeated in leadership debates and interviews.

In his run for Prime Minister, earlier this week he pledged a further £10billion in time for the October price cap rise and the increase in energy usage as winter approaches.

He wrote in the Times: “I am unequivocal that, if I enter 10 Downing Street at the start of next month, I will provide the support required to the people who need it.”

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