Susanna Reid left flabbergasted over 'gobby virtue signalling' criticism from GMB viewer

Susanna quipped: “I don’t consider it grief – it’s part of the fun of Twitter.”

Due to Liz Truss’ “misleading” energy cap statement, Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has been left trying to explain what the PM really meant.

After reiterating his point on the show, Martin wrote in a series of tweets: “Pls share to stop confusion. THERE IS NO £2,500 CAP ON ENERGY BILLS.

“Instead the new 1 Oct guarantee, like the old caps, limits. Daily charge (28 gas, 46 elec) – Unit Rates (10p/kWh gas, 34p/kWh elec).

“So use more, pay more. £2,500 is just what someone with avg use’d pay.”(sic)

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