Switching to Virgin Media is FREE, but BT and Sky broadband users will need to act TODAY

If you order before midnight tonight, Virgin Media will waive the £35 setup cost for anyone joining its broadband network from another company. That’s a pretty sizeable discount to your first broadband bill. Not only that, but Virgin Media already offers some seriously competitive broadband deals at the moment – offering faster speeds than BT, Sky, EE, and TalkTalk for a lower monthly cost. Unlike most other broadband companies in the UK, which all rely on BT-owned Openreach for the infrastructure, Virgin Media owns and operates its own broadband network with 15.5 million homes in the UK.

If you’re lucky enough to have both Virgin Media and Openreach in your street, you’re able to bounce between the two broadband networks to unlock some of the best deals in the UK. And right now, it’s definitely time to switch to Virgin Media. Aside from the £35 discount during the checkout process, Virgin Media is also offering its M100 plan – with average download speeds of 108Mbps – for just £25 a month. For comparison, the average broadband speed in the UK currently sits at 70Mbps. BT charges £28.99 a month for its Full Fibre Essential plan (36Mbps) and Sky charges £25 a month for Superfast Broadband 35 (36Mbps), so Virgin Media customers are getting a lot more for their money.

If you’re looking for faster speeds, you’ll be pleased to know that Virgin Media has waived the £35 upfront fee on all of its broadband plans.

The M200 package, which boasts twice as much speed as M100 – with downloads clocking in around 213Mbps, costs £31 a month for new customers. And with 213Mbps at home, you’ll never struggle with buffering when bingeing a new boxset on Netflix, streaming sport fixtures, or making a video call to friends and relatives. For context, Netflix only requires a minimum of 15Mbps to watch in the highest picture quality available, 4K Ultra HD. As such, there’s plenty of bandwidth for multiple people to watch this pixel-packed format at the same time, while smartphones back up photos to the cloud, software updates are downloaded, video calls are made, and music streams in the background.

On the subject of telly, bargain-hunters can use the £35 discount to get Virgin Media’s all-new Stream box for a low price. Paired with the M100 broadband plan, customers will be sent the new 4K-compatible set-top box to watch Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, BT Sport, and more for just £35. There’s no monthly cost for the box, and in fact, Virgin Media offers a 10% rebate on the cost of any subscription services that you add to your box – so you can secure some pretty healthy discounts to the likes of Netflix and Disney+ simply by watching the shows on Virgin Media’s Stream.

Without the sale, you’d have to pay an upfront cost for both the broadband plan (Stream is currently only available to Virgin Media broadband customers) and the telly box. But that drops from £70 upfront to just £35 if you order before midnight tonight, and then you’ll be able to enjoy savings each month on your favourite streamers. Everything arrives with a 30-day rolling contract too, so you can pick ‘n mix between the selection of live television channels, on-demand movies, and streaming services on your box each month. Find out how Stream compares to Sky Glass, Sky Q and Virgin Media’s own TV 360 box in our head-to-head review.

Virgin Media will return its £35 upfront fee on all of its broadband, phone and television deals from tomorrow morning, Friday April 29. So, you’ll need to act fast if you want to secure the discount by adding one of these deals to your shopping basket.

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